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We Specialize in Aluminium Honeycomb Cores,  Aluminium Honeycomb Panels and machines of the whole process. Combining your requirements with our experience we offer you:

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Manufacturers and Exporters of Honeycomb Cores , Honeycomb Panels & Machines


Beecore are Market Leader of Constructive and Protective Honeycomb Materials. We have more than 10 years experience of production and  specialize in the R & D of  honeycomb technology. We are making honeycomb core, panels and machines all these years.

BEECORE has the experience and capability to design and manufacture a composite panel product to your performance characteristics and budget. With our full machine shop we offer many value added features to customize any composite sandwich panel. Panel designs are customer driven, and we will provide our experience and knowledge to exceed expectations.

At present, we holds more than 60% market share in the YangtzeRiver Delta of China. The overseas market covers Europe, America,Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries, praised by domes-tic and foreign customers.

                          Manufacturers and Exporters of Honeycomb Cores , Honeycomb Panels & Machines

  BEECORE is a premier manufacturer of several types of laminated composite panels specializing in aluminum honeycomb cores,

                                                       aluminium honeycomb panels and machines of all the process.

Railway transportation
Railway transportation
Honeycomb panel for railway As an important light weight material, aluminum honeycomb panel is widely used in aviation industry and rail transit, such as French TGV series and Italian ETR series high-speed train.  Product featuresLight weight, high strength and flexural rigidityHigh surface flatness, not easy to deformExcellent corrosion resistance, insulation and environmental adaptabilityThe unique resilience can absorb vibration energy and has a good acoustic noise reduction effectGrade A fire rating, meets UIC564-2-1991 international combined transport fire protection standardsThe smoke density meets the high grade international railway fire protection standardsExcellent molding manufacturing process can meet the requirements of complex and stable components in railway vehicles
Electrical appliance
Electrical appliance
Honeycomb TV backboardThe backboard of the TV produced by our company is made of aluminum honeycomb panel. It is mainly made of aluminum sheet, aluminum honeycomb core and adhesive. The conventional size is popular in the market, mainly 84/90/100/120/130 inches, and the size can be customized.  Features 1. Fire prevention: aluminum plate is non combustible material.2. Corrosion resistance: aluminum honeycomb panel is surface treated by epoxy fluorocarbon, and has strong corrosion resistance.3. Environmental protection: honeycomb board belongs to pure aluminum products, non-volatile any harmful to the human body gas, no radioactivity, and can be fully recycled, 100 percent of environmentally friendly products.4. The aluminum honeycomb panel is easy to be dismantled and assembled without damaging the plate. Because of its light weight and convenient transportation, it can be transported to different places and reused many times.
Solar thermal utilization
Solar thermal utilization
Making the honeycomb plate to hyperboloid shape, that means the transverse direction is parabolic surface and the longitudinal direction is spherical surface. Then sticking a thin lens on the surface of the honeycomb plate, the sunlight will convergence at one point. Then the electricity will be generating through the stirling engine.  Product Specification: The plate size is according to the power of generator, for example, 25kw dish plate is about 2.1m2 , the size is 1250 * 2500 and 1550 * 2500.Applications: heating, hot water, power generation, fresh air ,etc.  Advantages: light weight, easy processing, not easy to deformation, aging resistance, high precision, environmental protection etc.
Cleanroom system
Cleanroom system
1. Aluminum honeycomb clean systemAluminum honeycomb core is widely used as the core material in clean system, both sides can be composited with color coated plate, galvanized sheet, stainless steel and other specific   purifying materials. Its fireproofing rate can reach up to A level. And it has the properties of tidy surface, sound proofing, heat insulation, heat preservation and impact adsorption. Suzhou Hongzan has occupied 70% of the clean system market with the properties of well sizeand accurate sawing height in aluminum honeycomb core. Application field:dust-free workshop,Food factorylaboratoryHospital operating room, sterile ward Recommended specifications, can also be customized :Aluminum foil thickness: 0.04 0.05, 0.06,Cell size: 10mm, 19mm, 25mmThickness: 48.5mm, 58mmWhether punching: yesSize: CustomizedShipping form: strip  Advantages:1. Light weight, high strength2. Sound proofing, heat insulation, heat preservation3. corrosion resistant, fireproofing4. flat surface5. Environmental

Autonomous Equipment

All honeycomb core production lines are produced by our R&D team.

Technological Leadership

The honeycomb core technology with micropore and oblique hole sizes is adopted at the leading level in China.

Good Service

Market Oriented and Customer Centered

Patents for Aluminum Peak and Foundation Core Board for Furniture
Aluminum honeycomb core continuous drawing machine patent
Patent of mirror hyperbolic aluminum honeycomb panel
Laser TV Honeycomb Projection Backplane Patent
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