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2014-5.20~5.22 Shanghai IE Expo. Suzhou Besin

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    The 15th session of the 2014 Chinese IE Expo was held at the Shanghai New International Expo center during May 20th to 22th, which was jointly organized by the German Munich International Expo Group, Chinese Institute of environmental science, the Environmental Service Industry Association and Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
    As Asia's most influential, the highest quality environmental technology exchange event, 2014 Chinese IE Expo gathered the world's Cutting-edge technology and the latest solutions of water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, solid waste disposal and recycling of resources, air pollution and indoor air pollution control, site repair, environmental monitoring, environmental services and other fields of environmental pollution control.
    One of our companies, Suzhou Beisen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, attended this event and shown our environmental protection products like honeycomb air filter and also received good response from customers.


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