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Aluminum Honeycomb Core for Panels

1. Use temperatures up to 350°
2. High thermal conductivity
3. Flame resistant
4.Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance
5.Fungi resistant
6.High strength-to-weight ratio
7.Good Flatness
8.Excellent bonding strength
9.Corrosion resistan

  • 7616999000
  • 3003 5052
  • 0.035~0.15mm
  • 3.2mm~30mm

Backup_of_铝蜂窝芯 产品描述图 12.12 铝蜂窝芯

Aluminum honeycomb uses include air/light directionalization, energy absorption, 

tooling,ceiling and floor panels, counter tops and other applications for which
physical and mechanical properties are not required.

In railway industry:



-Energy absorbers/bumpers



In maritime industry:

-Commercial vessels and naval vessel bulkheads

-Wall ceiling and partition panels

Other applications that are not transportation related:

-Clean room panels

-Exterior architectural curtain wall panels

-Air, water, fluid, and light directionalisation

-Heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment and devices

-Skis and snowboards

-Energy absorption protective structures

-Electric shielding enclosures

-Acoustic attenuation materials
规格及应用 铝蜂窝芯


公司优势 铝蜂窝芯模板


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