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Chinese red, coloured glass gold, national locust green... Fuxing family shock show!

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Chinese red, coloured glass gold, national locust green... Fuxing family shock show!

On December 22, China railway science and technology innovation an exhibition in Beijing national railway test center, a large number of Chinese independent research and development of advanced railway technical equipment on display, 350 km/h 17 bus marshalling, speed of 250 km long 8 marshalling and 160 km/h power concentrated many Renaissance new emu first public appearance.

Official color number: China red, glass gold, national huai green, sea and air blue, Great Wall gray

China railway science and technology innovation achievement exhibition is hosted by China railway corporation. CRRC, China railway corporation, China railway construction corporation, China railway express corporation and other central enterprises and research institutes participate in the exhibition. The exhibition is composed of two exhibition areas, indoor and outdoor. It comprehensively introduces the innovation and development process of China's railway technology, displays the characteristics and achievements of China's railway technology, and looks forward to the bright prospect of China's railway technology development. It is a high-level comprehensive railway technology achievement exhibition in China in recent years.

In the outdoor exhibition area, a series of advanced high-speed railway bullet trains, detection vehicles and high-power locomotives are lined up in a magnificent manner, highlighting the new image of the country's heavy equipment. These railway equipment are designed by our own research and development, the technical performance of the world's advanced level. The 17 ultra-long bullet trains in the front of the line, with speed of 350 km/h, and speed of 160 km/h, are particularly eye-catching. After a series of tests and verification, these two bullet trains fully meet the design specifications, have the conditions for online operation and are about to be put into use.

With a total length of 439.9 meters and a seating capacity of 1,283 passengers, the 17 marshalling ultra-long version of the hfuxing bullet train is 7.5% higher than that of the 16 marshalling vehicles. This model fully ADAPTS to the station platform length, maintenance facilities, substation capacity and other existing facilities, the maintenance and maintenance technology and the existing 350 km/h fuxing number emu group is consistent, the body, bogie, traction and other systems and components can be universal interchange.

When the new train operation plan is implemented on January 5, 2019, the train will be put into operation on the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, which will further enhance the transportation capacity of busy trunk lines such as the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway.

The 160kph centralized fuxing emu is optimized with reference to the decentralized emu. It adopts a streamlined shape, and the internal service facilities and equipment are basically the same as the existing emu. It is applicable to all the general speed electrified railways, and its power is concentrated at the head or the head and tail of the train. The bullet train group has two types of short marshalling and long marshalling, among which the short marshalling is 9 cars with 720 seats and the long marshalling is 11 to 20 cars with a maximum of 1,102 seats.

Compared with the traditional locomotive traction bus, the driver of this model is more convenient and fast, passengers ride more safe and comfortable, transportation organization is more efficient, can make full use of the existing maintenance resources, reduce the basic investment and equipment maintenance costs. The car will be put into operation after January 5, 2019. After going into operation, some normal speed lines will enter the era of bullet trains.

Entering the indoor exhibition area, the publicity video of "China leads the world in speed" is played on the big screen in a circular way, which comprehensively reflects the historic achievements made in the railway industry under the strong leadership of the CPC central committee with comrade xi jinping as the core.

Elegantly diagram, each model, combined video, from different angles vividly shows the China's railway technology innovation, from the railway project construction, technology and equipment, to operations management and security risk prevention and control, to the informationization, intelligent technology, detailed explanation of the railway all areas of the latest technological achievements, focus on the 18th party congress reflects the railway scientific and technological innovation in the remarkable achievements, prospects the future of China railway network scale and quality, technology and equipment and innovation ability, and transport safety and management level has reached the world's leading vision.

Related department chief introduction China railway corporation, since the eighteenth congress, railway system seriously implement the general secretary xi important instructions on railway work spirit and national innovation driven development strategy, give full play to the enterprise innovation main body role, unswervingly take the road of independent innovation, with a large number of independent intellectual property rights of technology innovation, high-speed railway, existing railway-speed-increasing alpine railway, overloading, plateau railway, railway have reached the advanced world level, general and technical level into the world advanced level, some technology is a world leading level.

Especially in the field of high-speed railway, China railway has been formed to cover the high-speed rail project construction, equipment manufacturing, complete sets of high iron technology in the field of operations management three big system, the system master the different climate and geological conditions to build high-speed rail technology, the construction of the cold and tropical high iron, coastal water network region high iron, the western mountains and the desert wind and plateau high-speed rail; It has successfully developed the fuxing China standard bullet train group with complete independent intellectual property rights and world advanced level. It took the lead in realizing the operation of the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, setting up a new benchmark for the construction and operation of the world's high-speed railway and comprehensively establishing the leading position of China's high-speed railway in the world. With the combination of high-quality projects and smart beijing-zhangzhou construction, the development of smart high-speed railway construction has been accelerated. Major breakthroughs have been made in smart construction, smart equipment, smart operation and other technologies, opening a new chapter of smart high-speed railway.

By the end of 2018, China's high-speed rail mileage reached 29000 kilometers, more than two-thirds of the total mileage high-speed rail in the world, become the world's longest high-speed rail mileage, transportation, highest density, net operating scenario the most complex country, China's high-speed emu has transport passengers break through 9 billion person-time, become the main channel of China railway passenger transportation, the safety and reliability of the China's high-speed rail and transport efficiency is the world's leading.


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