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Nomex honeycomb core

1.High strength to weight ratio
2. Corrosion resistant
3. Excellent dielectric properties
4. Thermally insulating
5. High toughness
6. Excellent creep and fatigue performance
7. Good thermal stability
8. Compatible with most adhesives used in sandwich composites

  • HZ
  • Original nomex paper
  • 32~128kg/m³
  • 3.2mm,4.8mm,6.4mm,9.5mm
  • 1220*2440mm
  • 1mm
  • 1200mm
  • expanded form
  • strength plywood package
  • aircraft, train,etc
Nomex Honeycomb Core is made of Nomex paper which soaked by flame retardant phenolic resin. It has high fatigue resistance and anti chemical corrosion ability, the excellent dielectric and radar conductive property as well. Nomex honeycomb laminated structure is broadly  applied to aircraft, spacecraft, high speed vessel & traun and radar etc.
芳纶蜂窝芯 产品描述图
1.High strength to weight ratio
2. Corrosion resistant
3. Excellent dielectric properties
4. Thermally insulating
5. High toughness
6. Excellent creep and fatigue performance
7. Good thermal stability

8. Compatible with most adhesives used in sandwich composites
In aerospace, we can supply light-weight, high-strength honeycomb to aircraft interiors, radar antenna cover, missile customer.
In civil aircraft field, we can supply to sports aircraft, un-piloted aircraft model, un-piloted target drone, un-piloted helicopter model and etc.
In transportation field, we can supply to high-speed train, yachts, racing boats and etc.
In Architecture filed, we can supply to Clean room, Ceiling, Wall panel and etc.

规格及应用 芳纶蜂窝芯
公司优势 铝蜂窝芯模板


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